Welcome to Weiyee Foods Company!

唯一食品公司的歷史已逾一甲子,在台灣早已家喻戶曉。美國分公司成立於1987年,所有的產品都在USDA的嚴格監管之下製作,用料上等加上獨特配方口味道地,在僑界已享有相當的聲譽,顧客遍佈全美各地 。


Weiyee Foods Company was established in 1987. It has operated for more than 24 years. All products conform to the strict regulations of the USDA. With our special formula and quality ingredients, we create an authentic taste that wins considerable recognition from overseas Chinese patrons. Our products are sold at major Chinese supermarkets across the USA.

Our company's unique shredded pork is made using a special cooking process that results in a crispy and tasty product, and it does not contain any preservatives. It is one of our all-time customer favorites. Our pork meatballs and Taiwanese-style sausage also do not contain any preservatives. Our authentic taste gives those far away from home a glimpse of home-styled flavor.